Learn Malayalam in 30 Days

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learn_language_in_30_daysIs it possible to learn Malayalam in just 30 days? If someone has always wanted to learn Malayalam, there is no reason to be disappointed by lack of time because of a hectic schedule. Developing fluency in Malayalam normally does require many years of concentrated study, but learning the basics on how to have a conversation in this language is a very manageable task.

Most experts in languages know the numerous benefits there are in learning a foreign language such as Malayalam. You will be better able to travel to countries where Malayalam is spoken and feel at ease, be industrious and submerge yourself in the culture of those speaking this language. Research has shown that learning another language helps keep memories sharp and naturally improves total function of the brain.

Many people may have never heard of the language of Malayalam but in South India, it is one of 4 major languages spoken by over 35 million people. So if for any reason you will be spending time in Southern India, it might be a worthy goal to learn Malayalam. When traveling abroad this language also may be used by large groups of South Indians living in Malaysia, Middle East, Australia, Singapore, Europe as well as in part of North America.

There are a number of methods to learn Malayalam. The preferred way is by actively taking part in conversations where you should try speaking to others but most important where you listen to others speak Malayalam. However, that is not always possible or you might not be in a situation where you are around those who know Malayalam. There are also online Malayalam courses that you can take which provide you with guides that can be printed out, MP3’s, videos, and plenty of chances to hear Malayalam being spoken.

With the availability of the internet, it is now easier than ever to learn a foreign language – no matter what language that is. And knowing often used phrases in different languages makes traveling that much more interesting. Therefore, if you are planning to visit the Southern regions of India continue to learn Malayalam by whatever method is easiest for you – so that in 30 days your visit to India will be that much more interesting.




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