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Learn To Speak Malayalam

It takes some time to learn to speak Malayalam, just as it does to learn any other language. If you know someone from India or another country where this language is spoken, then you may be heard it before. Otherwise, it will be very strange to hear it at first. All languages sound much different

How To Learn Malayalam

For a lot of people, learning a different language is not something they either wants to do or will do in their lifetime. For others, broadening their horizons a bit may mean learning to speak a language that is out of the norm, something other than Spanish or French. Certainly learning an old language such

What is Malayalam?

So what is Malayalam? In the South Indian province of Kerala, the primary language is Malayalam. This language accounts for only about 4 percent of all Indians. It is estimated that almost 36 million people currently speak Malayalam. The meaning is two fold, the first part of the name is mala, which means mountain and