Tips to Learn Malayalam Words

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Malayalam_WordsLearning Malayalam words is not only a matter of speaking but also of writing. Apart from the language I think the first thing you must learn is the culture. Knowing the culture will help you communicate better with Malayalam words and phrases.

Take your time in learning the vowels and consonants. Check our Getting Started section to help you improve your understanding of Malayalam words. Listen to what your teacher is saying, repeat the Malayalam words until it rolls of your tongue naturally and try and get the accent right. When writing the letters or words down make sure they are perfect. First trace the letter over and over than try writing it yourself until you get it perfect. When you have learnt multiple letters then try and make some Malayalam words.

Try and practice a few hours a day, print a hard copy of our printable guides and study it every chance you have. Download to your MP3 player and listen while in the car, bus or simply having a walk. Listening to the words and repeating them will help. Find an online tutorial and take short tests to determine if you are improving. The beginner’s course is easy for children let alone for adults. Try and write on online foreign forums or blogs to see if what you are saying is understood ask for help if needed. If you manage to find a person that already knows the language it can better you chances in learning quicker as the more practice the better.

Tips to Learn Malayalam Words


Make conversation as much as possible; make as many mistakes as you want as long as you have someone or something to correct you. Remember we learn best by the mistakes we make. First learn the basic questions like how to order or greetings.
Practice, practice and keep practicing. When you study the Malayalam language you will become more familiar with the grammar and how you are suppose to place the words. Don’t be afraid to experiment add new words and make up sentences, take it slowly there is no hurry.

Make a list of sentences and continuously run through them, you can use online resources such as websites, dictionaries and live online help.

Use as an easy guide to learning the language. The site will help enhance your prospects and make it easy for you with step by step procedures. Use our Audio & Video Quick Start to advance to the next level in learning the Malayalam language. You will also gain access to printable material which will be valuable to you when studying. You will also have access to an online teacher who is ready to help you with any questions you may have. This site is highly recommended by people who have already used it and there is a thirty day money back guarantee if you are not happy. So what are you waiting for! Learn the language and gain the knowledge of this mystical country.

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